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How Did Life Originate On Earth ? | Biology | Extraclass.com


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This video will help you to learn How Did Life Originate On Earth?

Have you ever given much thought to how life originated on earth?

If not then don't worry!!

In this video, we will discuss various theories for the origin of life.

The origin of life is considered a unique event in the history of the universe.

The first theory which attempts to explain the origin of the universe is the Big Bang theory.
After the introduction of this theory, many scientists across the world started to research the origin of life on earth.

Early Greek thinkers thought that life came out from decaying and rotting matter like straw, mud, etc. And this was named the theory of spontaneous generation.
Later on, Louis Pasteur conducted the S-curved neck flask experiment.

He filled two S-neck flasks with nutrient broth and boiled them,
one was kept still and another one was opened to air.
After some time he observed that in a pre-sterilized flask, life did not come whereas in the flask kept open to the air, new living organisms arose from the killed yeast.

And he disproved the theory of spontaneous generation.
After this theory, Oparin and Haldane gave a hypothesis for chemical evolution.

According to which in the early stage of earth, the atmosphere was reducing which catalyzed the reaction that would form complex organic molecules from simpler molecules.
Oceans served as the prebiotic atmosphere where the chemical reaction occurs in an aqueous environment to form a huge diversity of organic compounds.

These compounds became a large population of organic monomers and polymers acquiring lipid membranes with droplets.

Droplets eventually formed the true prokaryotic cell which further formed eukaryotic cells.

This version of biogenesis, that is the first form of life arose slowly through evolutionary forces from non-living molecules is accepted by the majority.

After this hypothesis in 1953, S.L.Miller created similar conditions on a laboratory scale.

He created an electric discharge in a closed flask containing methane, hydrogen, ammonia and water vapor at 800 degrees Celsius.

he observed the formation of amino acids, fatty acids, hydroxy acids, and amide products.

It confirmed Oparin’s hypothesis that these molecules would then be able to take part in the prebiotic process which leads to the origin of life.

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